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Varietal tests of the more important forage legume species are conducted on a continuing basis as a part of the forage legume breeding project of the Agronomy Department of the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, While these tests are rather restricted in size and distribution, they do attempt to provide impartial evaluation of the varieties most apt to be widely used in the state. Test locations are, for the most part, concentrated in the areas where these species are used most extensively or where they are well adapted. Recent results with alfalfa, sweetclover, red clover, and birdsfoot trefoil are included in this report. The tests were located in the vicinities of Brookings, Highmore, Menno and Watertown. The data presented should be interpreted with caution. In many cases they are limited to one or a few years. Differences in winter hardiness, resistance to diseases and insects, and in quality of forage may not be revealed by short term yield figures. These results are of a preliminary nature and inclusion of a variety in the tests does not indicate that it is recommended for use in South Dakota. A list of legume forage varieties eligible for certification and recommended for use within the state will be found in table 21.

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Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State College