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Many people in South Dakota are vitally interested in the social and economic changes that are transpiring in their state. This is particularly true for persons who are charged with keeping abreast of the times such as community leaders, county agents, educators, legislators, business and labor leaders. In order for them to perform their task effectively, it is essential that they be provided with basic information on the changes that are occurring in the state's population and farms. The problem they constantly face, however, is where to obtain reliable, up-to-date information in a form that is meaningful to them. This publication attempts to perform that service. The information in this publication is based on the most recent official United States Census reports for South Dakota's population and farms.* This information is presented for each county of the state, and the counties are ranked in order to show the relative position of each county with respect to the particular item under consideration State totals or averages are given so the position of the county can be compared with that of the state as a whole. Wherever available, United States averages are given so that the state, or the county, can be compared with the nation. A caution must be made regarding the nature of the information in the tables of this publication. Many of the tables involve the use of terms which have special definitions developed by the United States Census Bureau to make their information more standard and more precise. Thus, to know the type of information being included in the table, one needs to know the meaning of the terms used. An asterisk (*) is placed at the end of the title of those tables which utilize terms that need explanation. The explanation for these tables is provided in the Appendix










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