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corn variety trials, corn performance tests, corn, hybird, variety


Corn performance tests are conducted each year by the Agronomy Department of the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station to supply to those interested in corn impartial information on the yielding ability, maturity requirements and other characteristics of hybrids and open-pollinated varieties. It would be impractical to attempt to test all of the several hundred commercial hybrids sold in the state or try to locate tests in each of the various districts into which the state might be divided on the basis of soil type, elevation, rainfall and length of growing season. Therefore, hybrids which enjoyed the greatest popularity on the basis of sales volume in 1945 in each of the eight general areas in the state, were included in the 1946 tests along with several open-pollinated varieties which are still grown in each area. This makes available performance results on the most important of the hybrids being planted in South Dakota. To best determine the value of any one hybrid or variety, its average performance in any one area over a number of years is the criterion which should be used, because in any one year the hybrid may fluctuate in its relative value due to the specific environmental conditions under which the test was conducted. However, many hybrids sold in South Dakota are not too well adapted for the short growing season and the other environmental conditions which exist. This has caused a shifting in the particular hybrids offered for sale each year and not many of those included in the 1946 tests were also tested in 1945. For this reason only one year's results are given below. As better adapted hybrids are developed, and are sold year after year, average performance scores will accumulate and these tests will become more valuable. If used with discretion, the 1946 data will provide readers with information valuable as an aid in selecting hybrids for various areas of the state.










South Dakota State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Agricultural Experiment Station