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This study has made possible by the State and Federal Works Projects Administration Cooperating with the South Dakota Agricultural experiment Station. The project is officially designated as W.P.A. Project No. 465-74-3-235. The authors gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of Miss Marie Van Maanen, Brookings County Superintendent of Schools from whose office most of the data used in this study were secured. Full responsibility for statements of interpretation appearing in this publication rest with the authors rather than with the County Superintendent of Schools. This is one of a series of pamphlets dealing with community social problems. From a community standpoint the most urgent educational problems within the county seem to be closely related to the declining elementary school enrollment. The purpose of this pamphlet is to discuss the various implications of this problem and to suggest alternative solutions which would appear to be most workable. Technical educational problems such as curriculum construction, methods of teaching, certification of teachers, etc. are not discussed here since these problems can more effectively be solved by educators than by local community groups.




South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station


Rural Sociology