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During 1938 certain social and economic information was secured for each farm operator in Brookings County. This information was entered on a standardized schedule designated as form SS-1-A. For families who had applied for Farm Security grants, this information was secured from grant applications on file in the local Farm Security office. For families who had not applied for Farm Security assistance this information was secured from a variety of sources including: assessors listing sheets in the Auditors office; birth records in the Clerk or Courts office; school census and teachers reports in the Superintendent of Schools office; and public assistance information in the Social Security office. This pamphlet is the third in a series or three to be based on the material tabulated from the SS-1-A schedules. The two proceeding pamphlets are "The Problem of Over-Churched and Unchurched Areas in Brookings County," Rural Sociology Pamphlet No. 21 and "The Problem or Population Adjustments in Brookings County," Rural Sociology Pamphlet No. 30. Throughout this pamphlet certain measurable characteristics or Brookings county farm families-such as size or families, length or residence, age distribution, etc.,-are related to relief and tenure status. The purpose of this pamphlet is to supply the county planning committee and other interested persons with significant social data regarding farm families in Kingsbury County. This study was made possible through the cooperation of the State Work Projects Administration and the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment station. The project is officially designated as W.P.A. Project No. 665-74-3-143. The authors wish to acknowledge their indebtedness to all of the county offices mentioned in the explanatory note.

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