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Fall 10-1998


Kephart named acting associate director: 12-year forage researcher and "teacher of the year" has accepted new position as Experiment Station administrator [p] 2
Director's comments: People at the controls may change, Cholick says, ways of conducting research may change, but mandate to serve remains. [p] 3
Goal: a variety for any biostress: Winter wheat researcher would like a crystal ball; failing that. he relies on educated guesses to prepare future varieties for producers. [p] 4
The benefits of buffer: Team turns from research to demonstration to show producers the environmental and economic advantages of protected wetlands. [p] 7
And the walls came a-tumblin' down: Cross-department research alliances are ''win/win" for all involved, especially the South Dakotans who will adapt and use the results. [p] 10
Field dues: Farm tours are opportunities for scientists and producers to talk together about new research discoveries designed for local users. [p] 12
Turnaround: "Certainly, it isn't wages" that brings young, educated, professional families back to South Dakota? Is it "amenities?" [p] 14
Year's jump in land values highest of the 90s: In last 6 years, average ag land values increased 43%, compared to inflation rate of 18.2%. Why? Will it last? [p] 15
Building character in our most important resource: Two programs offered from SDSU help parents and communities and schools help young people to choose life-serving values. [p] 18
Connection: biostress and sperm damage: First-ever published report makes connection between air pollution and sperm damage; assay developed at SDSU used internationally. [p] 20
Pigs don't need a palace: Ask any swine producer, pigs are highly intelligent. They can help us help them be comfortable without luxury living conditions [p] 22


Mary Brashier


South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station







South Dakota Farm and Home Research

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