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The following instructions for an improved method of cultivating the STRAWBERRY, RASPBERRY, GOOSEBERRY, and CURRANT, are respectfully submitted to those who desire to obtain these fruits of a large size and of an excellent flavour ; and in full confidence that, where a due regard is paid to the directions laid down, the reward will be ample crops of superior fruit. The STRAWBERRY is a native if woods and shady situations, and consequently ought not to be planted indiscriminately in any place. The object in these pages has been to point out and recommend a method by which its culture may produce, with the utmost certainty, large crops of superlatively fine fruit in the driest seasons. The RASPBERRY is (although it is not generally known) a bog soil plant, or naturally a plant of shade ; the original red sort growing wild in woods, where the soil is cool and soft, as ·in the north of England: it also succeeds beyond conception on fenny and boggy soils, even contiguous to very large bodies of standing water. In suck situations, both wood and fruit will generally prove doubly large and prolific in the extreme; whereas, when it is planted on hot and dry soils it produces inferior and small sized fruit. By the. cultivation here laid down for the GOOSEBERRY, the fruit of several varieties may be obtained, in far greater perfection, beyond in size and flavour, than by any preceding practice ; and an easy and certain method of preserving this fruit in full perfection, beyond the common season of maturity, is also pointed out. A novel system, of propagating; the several sorts, by planting cuttings take in from bearing trees when their fruit is full ripe, is also here described, by which much time will be saved, and the particular variety will certainty be obtained. It is now well known that the very same sort of Gooseberry, by being planted in different soils and by different management, has produced very different sized fruit the annual exhibitions of this fruit by our Horticulturists constantly exemplify this. Of the CURRANT it is not necessary to say more, than that the best methods of obtaining the finest fruit are here described. It is scarcely necessary to make any observations on the Plates which accompany the work; they are correct transcripts of nature, and, as such, contribute of course to the value and importance of this compendium.

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Third Edition, Illustrated with Plates

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A Treatise on the Improved Culture of the Strawberry, Raspberry, Gooseberry, and Currant : In Which are Pointed Out the Best Methods of Obtaining Ample Crops of These Fruits, to Which are Prefixed Descriptions of the Most Esteemed Varieties



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