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SDSU College of Agriculture & Biological Sciences

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Spring 4-2014

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[Page] 2 The New SDSU Extension: Two Years Later, Change Has Brought New Successes
[Page] 4 Your 24-7 Connection: Makes SDSU Extension Easily Accessible, Responsive
[Page] 5 SDSU Regional Extension Centers: Your Front Door To SDSU
[Pages] 6-7 Leading The Challenge: Projects To Address Food Security, Financial Knowledge Underway
[Pages] 8-9 Regional Collaboration: SET Grants & Food Networks Initiated
[Pages] 10-11 Encouraging & Empowering: Native American Program Assists Reservations In Striving For Healthy Food, Healthy Communities & Youth Science Programming
[Page] 12 Evaluating Yields: Crop Performance Testing Provides Important, Unbiased Results
[Page] 13 Holistic Approach: Integrated Pest Management Offers Array Of Options
[Pages] 14-15 Estate Planning & Ag CEO: Workshop Series Offers Resource For Transition, Business Planning
[Pages] 16-17 Livestock Focus: New Programs Provide Tools For Growth
[Pages] 18-19 Youth Development: Character Education & Positive Decision Making Skills Championed
[Page] 20 Urban & Rural Efforts: Backyard Biodiversity & Turf Management Programs Offered
[Page] 21 A Message From The SDSU Foundation


Copyright © 2014 South Dakota Board of Regents, South Dakota State University


Editor: Kindra Gordon Contributing
Writer: Lura Roti
Designer: Kristi Schelhaas
Photography provided by SDSU Extension. Cover Photo by Greg Latza.

Growing South Dakota

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