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Lora Berg



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South Dakota State University College of Agriculture & Biological Sciences

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Winter 2018

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[Page] 2 Learn About Our Leaders
[Page] 4 Academic Programs at a Glace
[Page] 6 New Precision Ag Major Takes Off
[Page} 9 Raven Gives $5 Million Gift
[Page] 10 New Plant Science Research Facility
[Page] 13 Technical Training to Four-Year Degree
[Page] 15 Ag-Bio Career Fair Hits Record
[Page} 16 Breaking Ground : SD ADRDL
[Page] 19 Distinguished Professor Eric Nelson
[Page] 20 SDSU’s Veterinary Students
[Page] 24 Conservation Planning and Park Management
[Page] 25 Natural Resource Law Enforcement
[Page] 26 Medical Stethoscope Ceremony
[Page] 29 Master’s Degree in Human Biology
[Page] 30 Scott Pedersen Prepares Students
[Page] 32 Biology Instructor Honors
[Page] 33 Ag-Bio Ambassador Impact
[Page] 34 Pig Farmer of Tomorrow
[Page] 36 Top-Notch Economics Faculty
[Page] 38 Introducing Local Foods Education Center
[Page] 40 Ag-Bio Club of the Year
[Page] 42 Dairy and Food Science Good News
[Page] 44 Measuring Beta-Glucan
[Page] 46 College News
[Page] 50 Returning Home
[Page] 53 A Simple Lesson


© 2018 South Dakota Board of Regents, South Dakota State University.


Contributing Writers: Mike Barber, Lora Berg, Christie Delfanian, Emily DeWaard, Steph Hennen Sarah Hill, Connie Groop, Emily Meyer, Lura Roti, Matt Schmidt, Sydney Sleep
Designer: Kristi Schelhaas
Contributing Editor: Connie Groop
Photography provided by Greg Latza, Emily Weber, Connie Groop, Sydney Sleep, Lane Speirs, Lora Berg, Angel Kasper, Emily Meyer, Lura Roti

Growing South Dakota



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