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This issue includes the 2015 South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station Annual Report.

[Page] 2 Director's Message
[Page] 3 Concentrating On Cattle: Researcher Studying Mechanics To Improve Reproduction Efficiency In Beef Cattle
[Page] 5 At The Forefront: SDSU Diagnostic Lab Scientists Sequence Avian Influenza Genome
[Page] 6 Seeking Superior Wheat: Breeder Using Extensive Genome Testing To Improve Winter Wheat Cultivars
[Page] 8 Profiles In Leadership: Plant And Fungi Interactions May Offer New Plant Production Possibilities
[Page] 9 Targeting Emerging Diseases: Plant Pathologists Working To Better Manage Soybean & Sunflower Diseases
[Page] 10 Compelling New Crop: Carinata Offers Potential For Crop Diversity, Livestock Feed & Biofuels
[Page] 12 Winter College News
[Page] 14 Habitat Helpers: Fish Ladders Help Reconnect Stream Habitat
[Page] 16 Studying Stewardship: Oak Lake Field Station Provides Array Of Research & Education Opportunities
[Page] 18 Honing In On Habitat: New Effort Aims To Develop Habitat Plans For State Facilities
[Page] 20 Dairy Science Savvy: Spray-Drying Research Helping Optimize Dairy Formulations
[Page] 21 Saving Our Soil: SDSU On Frontlines To Address Saline & Sodic Soil Identification And Management
[Page] 22 Real-World Results: Undergraduates Gain Experience While Assisting SDSU Research Efforts
[Page] 24 Alum Reflects: Steven Kappes
[Page] 25 A Message From The SDSU Foundation


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Contributing Writers: Christie Delfanian, Sydney Sleep, Mike Barber
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Photographers: Lora Berg, Greg Latza, Bill Gibbons, Brian Graeb and Emily Weber with University Marketing & Communications

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