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Office of University Relations and the College of Engineering, South Dakota State University

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Winter 1995

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[Page 2-5] SDSU Engineering reaches all comers of the region
[Page 6] Students fly at ACE Camp
[Page 7] TAP-IN program helps defense industry
[Page 7] Balloon project up, up and away
[Page 8] ENTRE program successful in first year
[Page 8] ENTRE staff attends national conference
[Page 9] Electronics Engineering Technology program enters 10th year
[Page 10] SDSU/NASA tie strengthened by summer research
[Page 11] Space grant renewed for 1995
[Page 11] Private donations help support Ground Source Heat Pump Lab
[Page 11] SDSU helps Mitchell firm develop database system
[Page 10] Two SDSU employees win state awards
[Page 12] Ellerbruch, Schaefer officially named to positions
[Page 12] Koepsell honored by Brookings Chamber of Commerce
[Page 12] Knabach wins East River Eminent Service Award
[Page 13] SDSU professor wins national awards
[Page 14] New SDSU professor receives nice surprise
[Page 15] Peters promoted to general engineering instructor
[Page 15] New engineering professor comes 'back to earth'
[Page 15] Shin edits international journal
[Page 16] Korean professor spends semester at SDSU
[Page 16] National grant to improve engineering research, involve students
[Page 17] Ultrasonic testing brings better welds
[Page 17] Research may help hunters shoot sharper
[Page 18] Undergraduates get hands-on space research experience
[Page 19] Students have strong voice through Joint Engineering Council
[Page 19] SDSU students shadow professional engineers
[Page 20] EED, Inventors Congress set for April 20-22
[Page 20] Teacher, students win international award
[Page 20] Seniors design remote control road sign
[Page 21] Revolutionary steam heat system designed by SDSU alum
[Page 22] Physics degree helps Beemer i n forensic engineering work
[Page 23] Ryman's passion for work earns him citizen's award
[Page 23] Leading computer book now available in three languages
Alumni notes inside back cover
Other news:
[Page 24] First step for new building to begin with spring study
[Page 24] New programs, courses started within Engineering
[Page 25-32] Dean's Club members, donors, friends of Engineering
Phonathon set for Feb. 20-24 back cover


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Graphic Design: Virginia Coudron
Photography: Dana Bieber, Jeremiah Gardner, Lois Hatton, Cindy Price
Publications Editor: Dan Tupa


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Engineering Commons



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