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Office of University Relations and the College of Engineering, South Dakota State University

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Summer 1996

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[Page 2-4] Sports and engineering important to student-athletes
[Page 5-9] Senior engineering design conference prepares students for the industry
[Page 10] Students stir science excitement in second graders
[Page 11] SDSU team introduces area students to engineering
Student news:
[Page 11] Conde native named outstanding sophomore
[Page 12] Bridge building: athletic competition
[Page 13] Students receive Space Grants
[Page 13] Clean water priority of civil engineering student
[Page 13] Engineering students tour two South Dakota industries
[Page 14] ME student makes your name his business
[Page 16] Clifton awarded space grad assistantship at SDSU
[Page 16] Channeling through RDTN
Faculty news:[Page 17] Gritzner wins faculty summer research grant at EROS
[Page 17] Math professor's program helps South Dakota businesses
[Page 18] Quality is part of industrial management program
[Page 18] Galipeau chairs Society of Plastics Engineers session
[Page 19] SS Lacertae: SDSU professor writes of 'Cosmic Billiards'
[Page 19] Electric Council names Knabacb Person of the Year
[Page 20] Grant to enable study of advanced electronic ceramics materials
[Page 21] SDSU professor named to prestigious NASA science team
[Page 21] Professor, students investigate ferroelectric nylon
[Page 22] Bergum edits international journal on Fibonacci numbers
[Page 22] Friedrich named College of Engineering computer specialist
Campus news:
[Page 23] Top ENTRE business plans win awards
[Page 24] IMPULSE magazines goes on-line
[Page 25] EED. Inventors Congress successful due to student involvement
[Page 26] SDSU participates in second annual Space Day
[Page 26] Industrial program receives environmental award
[Page 27] Manufacturing engineering technology major to start this fall
[Page 27] Vocational technical degree programs to change at SDSU
[Page 28] Students, industry benefit from construction management major
[Page 28] SDSU lecture series gives overview of EROS Data Center
Alumni news:
[Page 29] SDSU education rates high with engineering alumnus
[Page 29] Welding classes help graduate get design job
[Page 30] 'Dynamic Dakotans' make their mark in Detroit
[Page 30] National engineering society president speaks at SDSU
[Page 31] Two former Brookings men named SDSU Distinguished Engineers


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Graphic Design: Virginia Coudron
Photography: Brent McCown, Cathy Nelson, Cindy Price, Angela White, Jennifer Widman
Publications Editor: Dan Tupa


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