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Andrea Kieckhefer, Matt Schmidt



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Office of University Marketing and Communications, South Dakota State University

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Winter 2016

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[Page] 2 — Path to awarding graduate degrees has been worth the effort.
[Page] 6 — Work/work balance—Faculty members discuss teaching and health-care careers.
[Page] 10 — Finding her niche: A class section spurs Kim Nearhood to find her passion.
[Page] 12 — West River Nursing Program graduates first DNP class.
[Page] 13 — Certified nurse midwife Brenna Tate gets to experience miracles.
[Page]14 — Lesley Cook and Julie Jones found ideal careers with VA.
[Page] 16 — It took some time but Susan Leddy found a role she loves.
[Page] 17 — Grant Jaspers makes the most of recent degree.
[Page] 18 — Brenda Andersen plays a major role in care of Jackrabbits.
[Page] 20 — Donelle King enjoys the relationships made as a DNP.

Department news
[Page] 22 - Stenvig receives multiple honors.
[Page] 23- College receives grants to impact health care.

Alumni news
[Page] 26- Baker and Cundy named to 100 Great Iowa Nurses 2015 listing.
[Page] 28- In memoriam.
[Page] 29- Stacey Tait-Goodale: Be part of a gift transformation.


South Dakota State University

College of Nursing

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