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South Dakota State University



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Winter 2011

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Dean’s message (Inside front cover)
[Page] 5 Research Rahman offers Research opportunities to undergraduates
[Page] 7 West River Health Camp Wicozani Academy spotlights native health-care providers
[Page] 9 Education Workshop uses mock patients to develop medical teamwork [Page] 11 Cover Story Avera Health and Science Center lives up to billing
[Page] 14 Administration Students, faculty benefit from new administrative approach
[Page] 15 Building Project Donors Independent pharmacies step forward with gifts
[Page] 17 Alumnus of the Year Alaskan independent pharmacist White honored by College
[Page] 18 Fall Convocation Presentation Diabetes project researches clinical stage
[Page] 19 Distinguished Alum Compounding catapults Kraemer to top University honor
[Page] 20 Fundraising Hunting Trip Hunt will help College bag more scholarships
[Page] 21 Department Head - Pharmaceutical Sciences Chandradhar Dwivedi reports
[Page] 22 Department Head - Pharmacy Practice James R. Clem reports
[Page] 23 New Faculty & staff College welcomes Zhang, Kurban
[Page] 24 Kayley Lyons From timid to intrepid: Lyons installed as chair of national committee
[Page] 25 News
[Page] 28 Calendar of Events
[Page] 29 Grad Student of the Year Yueshan Hu settles in at Avera Lab
[Page] 30 Dean’s Club Thank You
[Page] 31 Scholarships
[Page ]32 Development Director’s Report Pharmacy plays central role in SDSU’s campaign goals


Writers and photographers: Dave Graves, Dana Hess, Kyle Johnson, Eric Landwehr, Cindy Rickeman
Design: Virginia Coudron, Candace Kleinsasser
Publications Editor: Andrea Kieckhefer


Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

The College of Pharmacy



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