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Summer 2017

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[Page] 2 Thomas Gajewski : University of Chicago immunology researcher shares treatment’s progress in the fight against cancer at Francis Miller Lecture. [Page] 4 Endowed positions: The college will soon have three endowed posts on its faculty. Two are in the area of cancer. The other is in community pharmacy. All are considered transformational.
[Page] 6 White Coat: A familiar face, Dave Helgeland, one of the class’s professors, delivered a message on expectations to this year’s group of P1 students.
[Page] 8 Spring convocation: The 2015 Independent Pharmacist of Year visits to teach about enhanced value to payers.
[Page] 10 MLS clinicals: Shelby Nelson and Brittany Rustad, graduating seniors in the medical laboratory science program, share their experience with 12-week rotations at Avera.
[Page] 12 Jayarama Gunaje: Passion and commitment to students make the associate professor the students’ choice for Teacher of the Year for the second time in five years.
[Page] 13 A first for South Dakota: Associate Professor Surachat Ngorsuraches becomes the first researcher in South Dakota to get an award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).
[Page] 14 Faculty honors
[Page] 15 Deb Farver: Retiring professor known for engaging classroom discussion.
[Page] 16 Dave Helgeland: Clinical pharmacy professor steps down after 31 years at State.
[Page] 17 Teresa Delfinis: Retiring student services coordinator has heart for students.
[Page] 18 New faculty/staff: Joe Berendse, Emily Van Klompenburg, Nathan Bylander and Asha Hertler.
[Page] 20 Rakesh Dachineni: Graduate Student of the Year works with Jayarama Gunaje on chemoprevention with aspirin.
[Page] 21 Phonathon: Four pharmacy students spend almost 20 nights making nearly 4,000 calls— and enjoy it.
[Page] 22 Dennis Hedge: After 24 years with the college, the former dean is now following the route of Harold Bailey as State’s top academic officer.
[Page] 23 Now they’re teaching: Andrew Straw and Emily Van Klompenburg both took the community pharmacy residency position at Milbank after graduation, and it spurred them to go into education.
[Page] 24 Class of 2017 graduates 27: Mackenzie Klinkhammer Success in the classroom and extraordinary involvement outside the classroom lead to the Elk Point native’s selection as Distinguished Graduate.
[Page] 28 Nicole Hepper: Avera McKennan Hospital rotation coordinator named Preceptor of the Year.
[Page] 29 Assessment report: Revision of Pharm.D. Curriculum changes underway.
[Page] 30 Department of Pharmacy Practice: James Clem reports.
[Page] 31 Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Omathanu Perumal reports. [Page] 34 Calendar
[Page] 37 Development director Mike Birgen reports.


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