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[Page] 2 Endowed professorship created A trust created by a pharmacist who never attended college is providing the funds for the college’s first endowed professorship.
[Page] 3 Berry power The inaugural speaker at the Francis Miller Lecture extols the value of blueberries in fighting cancer — and he’s got the research to prove it. [Page] 4 Medication safety Deidra Van Gilder and Tasha Rausch are part of a national effort to curb medication mistakes through the Patient and Clinical Pharmacy Service Collaborative.
[Page] 6 Ashley Potter The P3 student took a rather indirect route to leadership in a student pharmaceutical organization — she got her degree in apparel design first.
[Page] 8 Researcher of the Year In just five years at SDSU, Hemachand Tummala has developed a research portfolio that is winning him awards and attracting commercial interest.
[Page] 10 Omathanu Perumal The department head in pharmaceutical sciences is a familiar face.
[Page] 12 Eric Kutscher The professor becomes a fellow — an honor that goes to less than 2 percent of the membership of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.
[Page] 13 Student news Wettergreen, Meier, Merkel and more.
[Page] 14 Jayarama Gunaje In only his second year on the faculty, he is named Teacher of the Year.
[Page] 16 Cy Fixen After a brief stint as a pharm tech, the biology grad returned to campus to become a pharmacist and ended up being honored as the Class of 2013’s distinguished graduate.
[Page] 17 Storming in The Spring Convocation speaker packed a more powerful punch than a spring snowstorm, and that was saying something.
[Page] 18 Graduation awards
[Page] 19 White Coat Ceremony Plenty of pomp accompanies a message of professionalism.
[Page] 20 2012 graduates
[Page] 22 Student organizations
[Page] 23 Kelley Oehlke The former faculty member is named Preceptor of the Year for 2013.
[Page] 24 Suzanne Hansen The 1995 graduate oversees the pharmacy operations of Walgreens’ 8,077 drugstores in the United States and Canada as a corporate vice president.
[Page] 26 Department of Pharmacy Practice James Clem reports.
[Page] 27 Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Chandradhar Dwivedi reports.
[Page] 28 Academic assessment report Jane Mort reports.
[Page] 32 Phonathon This year’s event raises $82,000 to supplement scholarships, travel costs.
[Page] 33 Development director’s column Stacey Kutil reports.


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