Estimation and fortification of vitamin D3 in pasteurized Process cheese.



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M.S. Thesis

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V.V. Mistry






The objective of this study was to develop methods for the estimation and fortification of vitamin D3 in pasteurized Process cheese. Vitamin D3was estimated using alkaline saponification at 70 degrees C for 30 min, followed by extraction with petroleum ether:diethyl ether (90:10 vol/vol) and HPLC. The retention time for vitamin D3 was approximately 9 min. A standard curve with a correlation coefficient of 0.972 was prepared for quantification of vitamin D3 in unknown samples. In the second phase of the study, pasteurized Process cheeses fortified with commercial water- or fat-dispersible forms of vitamin D3 at a level of 100 IU per serving (28 g) were manufactured. There was no loss of vitamin D3 during Processcheese manufacture, and the vitamin was uniformly distributed. No losses of the vitamin occurred during storage of the fortified cheeses over a 9-mo period at 21 to 29 degrees C and 4 to 6 degrees C. There was an approximately 25 to 30% loss of the vitamin when cheeses were heated for 5 min in an oven maintained at 232 degrees C. Added vitamin D3 did not impart any off flavors to the Process cheeses as determined by sensory analysis. There were no differences between the water- and fat-dispersible forms of the vitamin in the parameters measured in fortified cheeses.

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