Ruminal and intestinal degradability of distillers grains plus solubles varies by source.



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Journal of Dairy Science








Currently in the dairy industry, there is a concern about the variability in the nutrient content among sources of distillers grains plus solubles (DG), but little research has evaluated the variability in metabolizable AA among sources. The ruminal degradability of crude protein (CP) in soybean meal (SBM), dried DG from 5 sources (DG1, DG2, DG3, DG4, and DG5), and 1 source of wet DG (WDG) were determined using 2 lactating ruminally cannulated Holstein cows. Feeds were incubated in the rumen for 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36 h. Intestinal CP digestibility via pepsin and pancreatin and AA profiles were measured on residue from 12-h ruminal incubation of feeds. Ruminal undegradable protein (RUP) was less for SBM (46.4%) than for DG. The WDG (53.6%) had less RUP than dried DG. The RUP concentrations of DG3 (59.1%) and DG5 (60.3%) were lower than DG1 (71.7%) and DG4 (67.5%), with DG1 having more than DG2 (63.7%) and DG4. Intestinal digestibility of RUP was greater for SBM (86.7%) than DG. The DG2 (76.8%) and DG3 (74.2%) had greater intestinal digestibility compared with DG1 (59.2%), DG4 (63.0%), and DG5 (68.1%). The intestinal digestibility in WDG (65.8%) was similar to all other DG except for DG1, which was lower. Total digestibility of CP was greater in SBM (93.9%) compared with DG. Among the DG sources, the CP in DG2 (85.3%) and DG3 (84.9%) was more digestible compared with DG1 (70.7%), DG4 (74.9%), and DG5 (80.8%) but not WDG (81.9%). Based on the milk protein score (MPS), which is an estimate of the proportion of milk protein that a protein source can sustain until the first limiting AA is depleted, Met was the first limiting AA in SBM and Lys in DG. The concentrations of essential AA in the RUP were not different among DG sources, but the greater MPS in WDG (0.306) compared with the dried DG (0.240) sources indicated that WDG may have been the more ideal RUP source; but, the MPS of the metabolizable protein indicated that the protein quality of WDG was similar to that in DG2, DG3, and DG5. In conclusion, protein degradability and digestibility differed greatly among DG sources, but these differences were actually not as prominent in the concentrations of metabolizable AA and MPS among these sources.