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Men’s Rights Activists and the Ray Rice Domestic-Violence Case: Using Critical Communication Pedagogy to Counter Hegemonic Masculinity


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Some groups in society communicate in ways that attempt to marginalize others. One such group is the Men’s Rights Activists (MRA) who use language to attempt to normalize the subjugation of women through its rejection of feminism. This activity is designed to engage students in a dialogue about MRA’s response to the domestic-violence incident involving Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice and his fiancé, Janay Palmer, in a hotel elevator. Specifically, the activity allows students to learn about MRA members and their hegemonic ideology, to examine/view the domestic-violence incident, and to use critical-communication pedagogy (CCP) as a means to examine a MRA’s blog that was devoted to the incident. Overall, the activity allows instructors and students to engage in a meaningful dialogue about MRAs through the lens of CCP in order to respond to instances of hegemony in their own lives.