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With over 22 years of analytical experience in Consulting, Process Improvement, Solution Design, and Data Development, Steve has utilized his analytical rigor in the identification, refinement, and application development of new or existing products and concerns to improve product offerings in the most ethical manner. Steve came to Great West Casualty with experience in a variety of vertical markets, specializing in financial, insurance, credit services, healthcare, government, marketing, and automotive applications. He has been a speaker at the DMA, NCDM, as well as dozens of corporate conferences. At Great West, Steve has worked on refining the pricing models, creating solutions for internal and external stakeholders, and improving the training focus for analytics and big data. His combination of technical and consultative expertise allows him to wear many hats, giving him a unique perspective. Steve has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics/Economics from Bradley University and graduate degrees in Statistics and Genetics from University of Nebraska Lincoln.