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sustainability, Big Sioux aquifer, nitrates, water quality, integrated farm management


This report is one of five covering case study farms in the east-central South Dakota portion of the Big Sioux Aquifer area. The other four reports are South Dakota State University Econ Pamphlets 95-1 through 95-4, published in September 1995. operators of each of the case study farms covered in the five reports were participating in some segment of the Federal farm program aimed specifically at improving the ecological sustainability of U.S. agriculture. The case farm featured in this report was participating in the Integrated Farm Management (IPM) program of the 1990 Farm Bill. Since the data collection and analyses were completed for this report, the 1996 Farm Bill has been passed and put into law. The new bill changes many of the Federal farm program provisions described in this report. Nevertheless, for the sake of stylistic consistency with the other four case farm reports, this report is written as if the 1990 Farm Bill still were in effect. Readers can then compare, if they wish, the provisions and findings contained in this report with future analyses of provisions of the 1996 Farm Bill.


Economics Pamphlet 96-2