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1990 Farm Bill, agriculture policy, USDA, FSA85


As the congressional debate for the finalization of 1990 Farm Bill nears, the interest in analysis of the new farm bill is increasing. The continued large federal budget deficits, the GATT negotiations, and the increased momentum of conservation and environmental issues are all expected to exert influence in shaping the 1990 farm bill outcome. Practical options for a 1990 farm bill and its impacts for U.S. agriculture are discussed in Schnittker (1990), Westhoff, et al. (1990a), Westhoff, et al. (1990b) and Meyer (1990). These papers, however, analyze the impacts on a national level. With a recent trend of reducing government payments for farm programs and increased interest in environmental concerns, the predominantly farming states and regions are much more interested in state level analysis of farm bill proposals. As a result of early discussion by policy makers and farm interest groups three alternative policy scenarios for the 1990 farm bill have surfaced. The main objective of this study is to analyze the impacts of these scenarios for a 1990 farm bill on agriculture sector in South Dakota.


Economics Research Report 90-5