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commodity programs, federal spending preferences, improvement of water quality, food distribution


U.S. farm policies are reviewed, every five years concurrent with the drafting of new farm legislation. The present farm bill expires in 1995, and a new bill will be debated and enacted in 1995. Since farm and food policies have a major impact on farmers, information on their preferences with regard to these policies are invaluable to legislators as well as to different advocacy groups (working for farmers). The research was completed as a part of a 15 state study to document the agricultural and food policy preferences by agricultural producers. This report deals with the policy preferences of South Dakota Producers. A sample of 1,500 farmers and ranchers was randomly drawn from the list of all agricultural producers in South Dakota. A questionnaire, mainly consisting of policy issues common to all participating states, and nine issues of local importance, was mailed to these 1,500 producers. In total, 463 useable completed surveys were returned.


Economics Research Report No. 94-6