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management tools, farm operations, restructuring, farm debt


Planning For Tomorrow Today (PFT) is a program developed by the Cooperative Extension Service, South Dakota State University, specifically to help producers in South Dakota deal with the Farm Crisis. PFT can be used by any individual producer whether they are experiencing financial difficulties or not, but would like to examine reorganizing or restructuring alternatives for their operation in an attempt to increase the financial viability of their business. Within the PTT workshops participants are encouraged and helped to develop, or formalize, short and long term goals for both themselves and their business. Based on these goals, participants develop a management plan for the operation in order to meet the identified objectives. PTT workshops allow participants to review their current operating plans and explore alternative plans examining them for financial viability. Through PTT workshops, participants learn of the benefits of better management through planning, control, and analysis of their current operation. Participants can also examine alternatives for their operation and can determine what would be required to bring an alternative plan into reality.


Department of Economics, South Dakota State University

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