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Welcome [page] 2-3
Mathematics & Statistics Team: Providing Critical Support [page] 3
Water Team: Meeting Needs through Service, Education and Fundamental Research [page] 4
Photovoltaics Team: Developing, Delivering and Promoting Solar Energy [page] 5
Young Investigator Team: Collaborating Across Disciplines to Promote Undergraduate Research [page] 6-7
Convergent Computing Research Team: Combining Forces Internationally to Combat Breast Cancer [page] 8
Image Processing Team: Enhancing the Accuracy of Satellite Images [page] 9
Engineering Awards: 2011 Grantswinship Awards [page] 10
Dr. Delvin DeBoer 2011 Researcher of the Year
Dr. Qiquan Qiao 2011 Young Investigator of the Year

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South Dakota State University

South Dakota State University College of Engineering 2012 Annual Research Review



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