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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Manki Min


distributed algorithm, game theory, wireless


With the improvement of hardware, more and more multimedia applications are allowed to run in the mobile device. However, due to the limited radio bandwidth, wireless network performance becomes a critical issue. Common mobile solutions are based on the centralized structure, which require an access point to handle all the communication requirement in the work area. The transmission performance of centralized framework relies on the density of access points. But increasing the number of access points will cost lot of money and the interference between access point will reduce the transmission quality. Thanks to the wireless sensor network implementations, the distributed wireless network solution has been well studied. Now, many mobile network studies introduce the device to device idea which is a distributed structure of mobile network. Unlike wireless sensor networks, mobile networks have more movability and higher transmission speed requirement. In order to be used in mobile networks, a distributed network management algorithm needs to perform faster and more accurate. In this thesis, a new pairing algorithm is proposed to provide a better transmission quality for multimedia data. In the proposed approach, the multimedia data is quantized by distortion reduction. Then, the source-relay pairing solution is optimized by a history tracing system using game theory to improve the expected overall distortion reduction of the entire network. Several parameters are introduced in the proposed solution, so the optimization would fit for different situations. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm achieves higher overall distortion reduction by avoiding the competition between nodes. Simulation results also show the parameters would affect the system performance, such as optimization speed, system stability and system overall transmit speed.

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Mobile communication systems.

Wireless communication systems.

Distributed algorithms.

Game theory.

Computer networks.


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