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For most subject matter the ideal classroom situation would allow a one-to-one relationship between instructor and student. In teaching basic photography this is especially true because of the great number of steps involved in producing a finished photograph and because each step must be done correctly to achieve good results. Time won't permit the instructor to effectively follow each student through all the steps involved, and, ideally the student should be allowed to work at his or her own speed. The one-to-one relationship therefore, isn't possible in most photography classes and, for that reason, something is needed to take the student through his laboratory work step-by-step. The problem is that there is no step-by-step guide in either pamphlet or text form that is detailed enough, yet simple enough to give the student the necessary help. Also, there is very little material available with which the student can compare his results without consulting the instructor. It is the primary objective of this study to create a step-by-step guide to be used by the student of basic photography in the performance of his laboratory requirements. It is hoped also that this guide will aid the instructor by offering complete instructions to the student and presenting graphically examples that can be used for comparison. This guide could also be used as a lesson plan by the instructor when planning a course in basic photography. The text is arranged in a logical order with headings covering each basic step. By using this paper and supplementary material on other phases of photography, an effective course for the beginner could be designed.

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