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For many years bovine mastitis has been a major problem for dairy producers, the seriousness of which can be measured by the volumes of literature which have been written about it as well as the economic losses incurred by the dairy industry because of it. The fact that mastitis is still a virulent disease in spite of the vast amount of research conducted on it would suggest either that the underlying causes of mastitis still are not completely understood or that the knowledge gained through research has not been presented effectively to those who need it most—namely the dairy farmer. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of mastitis in Eastern South Dakota and to identify, in-so-far as possible, those factors which were related to the production of abnormal milk. The first part of this thesis contains the results of a study of the amount of abnormal milk being shipped to three milk plants in Eastern South Dakota over a twelve month period. The objectives were to determine the severity of the problem in Eastern South Dakota and to identify those herds which were producing abnormal milk. However, there was no attempt made to define the causes related to the production of abnormal milk. The second part of this thesis presents the results of research with thirteen herds in Eastern South Dakota for twelve consecutive months. The major objective of this phase was to investigate individual cow variation and to determine, if possible, the factors responsible for abnormal milk secretion.

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