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Leptaden is a herbal drug which was recently introduced to the market by Alarsin Pharmaceuticals, Bombay, India. It consists of the extracts of two indigenous medical plants, namely Leotadenia reticulata (Jeevanti) and Breynia patens (Kamboji) in equal proportions. In 1947, Patel first drew the attention of gynaecologists to the usefulness of Leptaden in habitual abortions and allied conditions in women and later on pointed out its lactogenic and galactagogue properties. His original observations are supported by growing clinical experience over a twenty year period of medical practice. Published clinical experience shows that in most cases Leptaden stimulates, lactation within twelve hours; flow is easy and lactation is maintained after the Lepta den treatment is discontinued. The drug has produced no observable harmful effects on the health of women or cows. On the basis of the lactogenic and galactagogue properties of the Leptaden, the research reported in this thesis was undertaken with the following objectives: 1. To determine the effects of feeding Leptaden to dairy cows on milk production and composition. 2. To determine the apparent effects of Leptaden on thyroid activity. 3. To determine the effects of Leptaden on some other physiological activities of dairy cows.

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