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Rising costs have changes man’s ideals and eating habits. Plant ingredients, because of their relatively low costs, have been increasingly used as a substitute for animal proteins. If these plant ingredients could be directly utilized by man, this would be a more efficient use of energy and nutrients. One plant source currently used in such a manner is soybeans, which is a prime source of protein for human and livestock nutrition. However, soybeans contain several factors that are detrimental to man and livestock. Heating of soybeans counteracts these factors, since the undesirable factors are heat labile. However, heat alters the protein’s properties making them unsuitable for many food products and calf milk replacers. Consequently, soybean processors currently use little or no heat in the production of soybean “isolates” and “concentrates.” In their process, they discard, as waste, the soybean whey fraction. This fraction contains the toxic factors, but also usable protein and carbohydrate material. Such a practice wastes 20% of the soybean protein in addition to adding to today’s ever pressing pollution problem. The purpose of this research project was to further isolate and purify a small molecular weight growth inhibitor from soybeans and to gain needed knowledge about its properties. Once this growth inhibitor is identified, appropriate methods of inactivating or removing the inhibitor may be developed, so that much, if not all of the soybean why proteins may be used beneficially for mankind.

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