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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Ali Salehnia


Information is a vital resource for many organizations in the information age. To have a competitive edge over other organizations, the information system in an organization should be able to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. Organizations are restructuring and information technology is called upon to deliver them a competitive edge. Client-server processing, graphical user interfaces, and relational databases have gained acceptance in the market place and play a major role in organizations in the future. Daktronics, Inc., has grown from a small company to a big organization. So did their number of products. The customers of these products are located in different regions of the world. In order to satisfy their customer's needs in the critical functions of quality and productivity, Daktronics, Inc., should have an effective and efficient information system. In this thesis, the various theoretical models of information systems and their impacts on organizations were discussed. An attempt is made to understand the problems of the existing order entry system used in Daktronics, Inc. Also, an analysis of the existing order entry system has been performed to identify the user requirements. Finally, the needed business functions were defined. A new model of order entry system to better coordinate the sales operations and manage the customer-data files and contract status was proposed. The proposed system will enhance the performance of sales and customer support department. V And also, a cost analysis of three alternatives for order entry system has been discussed. A new model has been developed by using data flow diagrams and Microsoft Access database package.

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Daktronics, Inc -- Data processing


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