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The purpose of this problem is to determine from the transcripts of graduates of accredited South Dakota high schools the number of units of credit in Social Science that were offered for admission to South Dakota State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts in the school years of 1951-'52 and 1952-'53. (South Dakota State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts shall hereinafter be referred to as State College.) Specifically stated, the aims of this study were as follows:
1. To determine the mean total amount of Social Science offered by entrants from South Dakota high schools when they were admitted to State College in the school years 1951-'52 and 1952-'53.2. To determine to what degree the entrants to State College have met the minimum legal requirements in Social Science for high-school graduation. 3. To show to what degree these entrants' offerings in Social Science have varied for the graduates from large, medium and small high schools. 4. To show the difference in amounts in the offerings in Social Science wade by men and women entrants. 5. To show the number of units, in the different fields of Social Science, offered by the average student entering State College. The population of the study are samples of entrants to State College in the years 1951-'52 and 1952-'53 who are graduates from accredited high schools from the state of South Dakota.

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