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For many years at Aberdeen, South Dakota, a difference of opinion has existed regarding the relative academic achievement, rank in class, and social adjustments of the students in the public school system and parochial -school system. The advocates of the two school systems have base their opinions on observations only and without the benefit of statistical evidence. To present impartial evidence upon which the proponents may form a more logical conclusion was the purpose of the investigator. The purpose of this study was to compare the students who had received the first nine years of their training in a parochial school with those who had received their training in a public school to see if there were any statistical differences in their performance during the last three years of their high-school training in the public school. They were compared in mental ability, academic achievement, rank in class, and social ability development by the investigation cf the high school records of the graduating class of 1952. The school performances made by these students grouped into their respective origins were the records used in making the comparisons.

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