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A history of the South Dakota Crop Improvement Association cannot be confined to only facts, dates, and personalities involved in the progress of an organization, but must embody the determined and arduous efforts of our forefathers evolving a stable and permanent agriculture for South Dakota. It also entails to some degree, the history of crop production in the state and suggests the evolution of many of our present day crop varieties and cultural practices. The importance of the work of our crop and soil scientists and the methods of disseminating their findings to the farmers is closely linked to the history of the Association. In order to keep the history in chronological order and simplify future additions, it has been arranged according to the Association’s yearly activities. A number of resolutions that were passed at annual meetings are quoted in the history to show the trend in the thinking of the leaders of the Association. It is quite evident that the interests of the leaders of the Association have always been exceedingly broad and covered many phases of agriculture. They were constantly striving for ways of improving research in agriculture and improving methods of informing farmers of the results of research. The resolutions show that occasionally the Association became over-zealous in world affairs outside of agriculture and it was necessary for the more astute members to guide the thinking back to agriculture with emphasis on crops and soils. Interest in postal rates and child labor laws are examples. Examples of the programs used at annual meetings also show a diversity of interests. These programs included outstanding men from all parts of the country. The emphasis was often on world economics and its effect on farm prices; also on cooperative marketing.

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