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The writer in preparing for coaching and teaching, and after being in the field three years, has become increasingly aware of the lack of specific information about the status of high-school coaches in South Dakota. Because of this interest in the coaching and teaching field this study was planned. It is hoped that specific information compiled in this report will be of value to coaches in the field, to young men planning to enter the field and to colleges preparing men for the coaching and teaching field.
Statement of the Problem:
It was the purpose of this report to gather specific information relative to coaching and teaching in fifty high schools in north-eastern South Dakota. The following seven objectives form the basis for obtaining this specific information and making this report:

1. To determine from what colleges coaches in this area have graduated and to show output of colleges preparing coaches.

2. To determine the teaching and coaching loads of coaches in this area.

3. To determine in which academic areas coaches are teaching.

4. To determine if coaches are acquiring additional training and degrees and in what areas.

5. To determine the experience and tenure situation of coaches in this area.

6. To determine salary conditions among coaches and administrator-coach combinations in this area.

7. To determine the amount of physical education required and taught in this area.

Delimitation of the Problem: The study being made in the form of a research problem and not that of a thesis brought about the first limiting factor. To limit the amount of material that would become available for such a problem a geographical area consisting of nine counties in northeastern South Dakota was selected. The nine counties selected were: Brookings, Clark, Coddington, Day, Deuel, Grant, Hamlin, Marshall, and Roberts. It was the opinion of the writer that a satisfactory picture of the status of coaches could be obtained by seeking information from high schools with enrollments of less than two-hundred pupils, the majority of South Dakota high schools having less than this number. On this basis the fifty high schools were selected.

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