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Many new coaches and physical education instructors go into the field with great plans for the advancement of a physical education program but are not aware of the type of facilities with which they will be working. The problem deals with the gymnasiums, locker rooms, and shower rooms as they are found in small schools of Eastern South Dakota. It is the purpose of this problem to gather specific information relative to the present status, the adequacy, and the use of the gymnasium, locker room, shower room, and dressing room facilities in the Upper Sioux and Hamlin County Conferences. The physical education program in South Dakota has been hampered by a lack of knowledge of the curriculum on the part of many educators and a general lack of support for the program. Until after World War II, little emphasis was placed on this area of education by the teacher training institutions. In the past ten years many of the leading colleges of the state have begun offering a physical education major on the undergraduate level and some on the graduate level. Consequently, many persons who are qualified to coach and teach physical education have been placed in positions throughout the state. Many other trained persons will be going into the field each year. With the influx of persons who have a knowledge of the needs of the program, many changes will likely be forthcoming. This change will not be rapid and it may take fifteen to twenty years to bring about the understanding that is desired. In the meantime, the new physical education instructors must become aware of the problems they are apt to face with regard to facilities. They have learned how the gymnasiums and dressing rooms should be equipped and they can put this knowledge to good use in working toward the improvement of physical education facilities in the state.

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