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Programmed learning, still in the embryonic stage, has brought with it new hope for some of the answers to our mass educational problems of a rapidly expanding curriculum, broadened individual differences, and an increasing pupil teacher ratio. Teaching efficiency may be brought to an optimum level by constructing teaching machines and programmed texts as developed by S. L. Pressey. This study attempted to compare the effectiveness of traditional educational practices with those using the programed text and the teaching machine. The survey of literature and the use of research findings were used as a basis for the comparison. The investigator feels that the programmed text will be of great value in helping to solve our educational problems. The programmed text effectively deals with the motivation ended for learning and decrease the time needed for mastery of given subject materials. It encompasses all studies and levels of learning. The results of the study as interpreted by the investigator would indicate that there is a need for additional classroom experiments of simple design and structure so that they can be objectively evaluated.

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