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The first objective of this study was to determine the degree of acceptance of the phototypesetting process among commercial publishers by comparing this process to the hot-metal and cold-type processes. Two immediate factors that would seemingly affect this acceptance would be the size of the publisher and whether or not the publisher operated his own composing room. The second objective was to determine to what degree acceptance of phototypesetting was influenced by the size of the publisher. The third objective was to determine to what extend acceptance was influenced by a composing room operating. The fourth objective was to discover what attitudes publishers had towards the photosetting process, and to compare the attitudes of those who have used the process with those who have not. Along with this, publisher’s attitudes of specific phototypesetting machines were probed. As a last objective, it w s decided to compare the entire study of commercial publishers with that of the university presses. The study was carried out by mailing a questionnaire, covering letter and self-addressed, stamped envelopes to each commercial publisher and university press in the sample.

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