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Physical Education


Austin, Minnesota, in light of present day evaluating procedures has an adequate program of physical education for boys of Junior High age. However, many problems confront the staff as the population explosion is at a near peak in the schools of Austin. This paper will attempt to discuss these problems that are evident and perplexing and will also make suggestions as to possible solutions of the problems. IN order to understand the Junior High School pupil, the author has made a study of this age group in order to give a true picture of the needs and interests of the Junior High child. There are many communities in this country with the same problems that we have in relationship to the physical education program in Austin. Our three main problems are: 1) lack of space both for activities and storage, 2) class size too large, and 3) time factor getting to and from a teaching station. A solution for all three of these problems would be to build a multi-purpose gymnasium which would give the needed space and would reduce the class size, as it would mean the addition of two or more teaching stations.

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