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Various criteria have been used by individuals in the hiring of teachers as supposed indicators of future success in the classroom. Some research has been done in the field of predicting who the good teacher will be, but the employer still have little more than the subjective judgement of others, his own observation in an interview, and the college record of the applicant to guide him in selection. This study will deal primarily with one facet of the three means of selection, that is, the college academic record. This study will attempt to show the relationship, or lack of, between college academic performance and success in teaching in the secondary schools of South Dakota as evidenced by a group of graduates of South Dakota State College. The objective of this study is to determine the relationship of college academic performance to future teaching effectiveness and placement of graduates. Data to be used are college grades in specific subjects, college undergraduate grade-point averages, various responses by supervisors to a rating instrument, and certain information about the school in which the teacher is employed.

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