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Sociology and Rural Studies


The main concern of this study is to work out a community development program for the Province of Puktia, Afghanistan, which will correspond to the basic values of the existing social systems in that part of the country. People in Puktia have lived their traditional way of life for centuries and will continue to do so until changes are introduced by an outside agency. We are assuming that the people in this society cannot conintue their way of life without being affected by the progress made in the surrounding areas and other parts of the world; therefore, changes must be made if they are to compete with the outside forces imposed upon them. In almost all undeveloped areas including Puktia, it is not often the lack of scientific knowledge that retards progress, but rather the lack of appropriate and effective channels of communication for disseminating information to rural people. If progress is desired, the existing gap between the public and the source of information must be bridged in the shortest possible time. All changes introduced into a society are not desirable; therefore, in Puktia, conscious attempts must be made to introduce those innovations which will help improve the level of living. It has only been since World War II that a concentrated and scientific approach has been made to improve rural levels of living. The approach for a rural development program in Puktia in this thesis is based upon the experiences of many trained people engaged in such work in similar cultures. Consideration has been given especially to the rural development programs in Egypt, India, Iran, and Pakistan because these cultures are similar in many respects to the culture of Puktia. The successes and mistakes made in these countries form the basis for selecting the objectives and goals in this study.

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Community development -- Afghanistan --Puktia
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