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Physical Education


The lack of physical fitness of Americans is a problem of major concern to people throughout the United States. With the growing concern for the improvement of physical fitness, it is imperative that the physical educators know the best means of developing and maintaining physical fitness in our adults as well as the students. The American people are constantly looking for a quick and easy way of doing things and because of this physical educators must develop a concise and effective physical fitness program that will be brief and simple to administer. Most physiologists and physical educators agree that strength is one of the most important significant components of physical fitness. Weight training has been accepted by most authorities as an excellent means of training for the improvement of strength, but the problem of time and facilities confines its use to a small group at one time. The isometric method has been proven by many researchers to be as effective as weight training for the development of strength, and this development of strength is obtained in a shorter period of time when using isometric exercises. The primary purpose of this study was to determine the effects of isometric contractions and callisthenic exercises on muscular strength development of college freshmen. The McCloy Strength Test was administered to both groups before the training period began and at the end of a six week training period. The test battery included right and left hand grip, back lift, leg lift, chin-ups, dipping, and sit-ups.

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