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Lincoln D. Kelsey and Cannon C. Hearne commence their book, Cooperative Extension Work, with the definition of Extension Work: Extension work is an out of school system of education in which adults and young people learn by doing. Its fundamental objective is the development of the people. The statements by Kelsey and Hearne are further emphasized by John T Stone, Director of the Cooperative Extension Service, South Dakota State College. It is off-campus education directed to helping people solve problem and realize opportunities which they encounter from day to day. The purpose of this thesis is to develop an instrument to improve and facilitate teaching by county agents. Agriculture is a major source of wealth in South Dakota. The state’s economic position rests largely on the health, vigor, efficiency and flexibility of its various agricultural enterprises. If South Dakota’s farmers are to remain competitive with other areas producing similar agricultural [products and if they are to produce such products efficiently enough to afford them an acceptable standard of living, they must know and use applicable research findings. The accelerated use of technology in agriculture has created and is creating problems in the area of public affairs and agricultural policy. They must understand the techniques of disseminating information on the issues of agricultural policy if they are to be affective. Leadership training requires an understanding of the sociological and psychological factors involved. To develop competency in these many fields, county extension agents must receive more in-service training so that they are capable of providing the leadership required of them.

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