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A widely used method for the solution of various problems dealing with laminar boundary layer flows is that originated by T. von Karman and K. Pohlhausen some forty years ago. The basic idea on which their so-called integral method rests is to satisfy, for a given set of boundary conditions, prandtl’s boundary layer equations o the average in contrast to what are commonly called “exact” solutions, the latter I reality being numerical integrations of Prandtl’s equation. For two dimensional flows and certain flows with rotational symmetry δ is, in fact, the only dependent variable as long as dissipation effects are negligible and no transfer of heat takes place. It is the account of such differences that strongly affects the accuracy of the integral method and forms the basis for the thesis problem. Our main conjecture, forming the basis for the thesis, is that such accuracy depends fundamentally on a proper account of the various generating mechanism for a given flow property.

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