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Athletic coaches and physical educators have long been interested in developing a physical conditioning program that could be used indoors in a limited area, and that was not time consuming. A physical conditioning program of this nature, involving fitness, would be of great value to athletes and physical educators. Cureton has written that motor fitness is a limited phase of motor ability which emphasizes the capacity for vigorous work or athletic effort. With a definition and these components of motor fitness in mind, the author became interested in the effects of a trampoline condition program on motor fitness. A trampoline program could be conducted indoors in a limited area. Magnusson found a limited amount of activity on the trampoline significantly increased cardio-respiratory endurance and ankle extensor strength at the five percent level of confidence. Van Anne found that balance and ankle extension strength increased I 51 college women who more involved in a minimum of 15 minutes of trampoline activity over a six-week period. There was increase in leg strength, explosive power of the legs, and endurance at the one percent level of confidence. The four studies concerned with the effect of a trampoline training program on selected physical capacities have left some questions unanswered.

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