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Many of the small South Dakota high schools do bot avail themselves of the services of a qualified guidance counselor. In these areas, where the trend from rural to urban living is becoming more and more of a hard reality, surely, competent guidance services are badly needed. It appeared that because the parents were not familiar with the duties of a counselor, they were complacent in doing without his services. The purpose of this research was to gather information concerning parent’s knowledge of the duties of a school counselor. Automation is rapidly displacing great numbers of our American hob force. Our young people must plan ahead and make wise choices in order to ensure the acquisition of future saleable skills. The school counselor can help these young people prepare the groundwork necessary for a useful and productive life in our automated society. The study was made in order to determine pertinent information concerning the following: are parents familiar with the role a guidance counselor plays in the schools, are parents familiar with the role of school principal. This problem was confined to the parents of all students in grades 7-11 at the Baltic Independent School. Since it would be impractical to interview 122 sets of parents, a questionnaire was used. The validity of this means of gathering information is somewhat questionable. There is always the possibility that questions may be misinterpreted or that the replies may not be honest.

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