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Physical Education


The athletic coach, the physical educator, and the athlete of today have definite professional interest in the circulorespiratory aspect of physical conditioning. Improving endurance for competition is of great interest and importance as the coach, the physical educator, and the athlete each wise to know how endurance can be increased in the shortest possible time. The study of the effects of the fatigue must be continuous and the results placed into practice to insure healthy individuals, meaningful practice, and effective game participation. Many studies in physiology have dealt with methods of improving muscular strength and endurance. The purpose of this study was to compare interval running and all-out running as methods of increasing circulorespiratory endurance. This study was limited to 18 volunteer freshman men who had scored average or above in the South Dakota State University Physical fitness test as given during the first week of February 1965, no effort was made to control the eating, sleeping, drinking, and smoking habits of the subjects during the investigation, the Collins treadmill was used for testing the selected measures of circulorespiratory endurance, speed of the treadmill was kept constant at 7 mph and at constant incline of 8.6 degrees.

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