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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering


The objective of this research project is to determine the total energy absorption capacity of the various types of mechanical springs in terms of mathematical equations, and use of these equations to find the instantaneous energy release. The importance of springs as machine elements stems from the fact that they can be used for absorbing mechanical energy. It must be clearly recognized that the development of the energy equations, as far as springs are concerned, is nothing but a means to an end: that the energy storing capacity of a spring should be considered as one of the primary aspects in spring design. This thesis presents a method for determining the displacement of any point in the spring at any time. This approach makes it possible not only to determine the total energy capacity at any instant of time, but also the instantaneous energy that can be released by a spring. The assumption that there is no energy loss due to friction has been adopted throughout the entire analysis. It must be clearly understood that the forthcoming discussion may have not been complete, if the facts that influence the energy capacity or the rate of energy change were not considered.

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