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Civil Engineering


It is believed that existing metropolitan development problems may be greatly alleviated by reducing the migration of the agrarian people to the urbanized areas. If we are to reduce the migration of our agrarian population to urban areas, we must provide them with a higher standard of living and an increased earing capacity. It is the purpose of this thesis to make a rational investigation of a demonstration city designed for the purpose of providing the modern farmer with the desirable features normally associated with urbanized development. The use of a demonstration city was suggested by Professor Hargett of South Dakota State University for the study and development of a higher standard of living for the modern American farmer. The need for a demonstration city for the farmer is emphasized by the revolutionary changes that have been made in farming equipment and farming methods. These changes have greatly reduced the number of man-hours required to produce and harvest a crop, but commensurate changes in farmers’ standards of living have not been made. A logical place for a demonstration city for the modern farmer is an irrigated area such as the Oahe Unit. Modern farming and irrigation practices greatly increase the productivity of the land. By increasing the density of population in the irrigated areas of the Oahe Unit. These large concentrations of farm families will be seeking a higher standard of living. The use of a demonstration city is recommended for pilot study of the development of economic community facilities for the modern farmers in irrigated areas.

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Oahe Irrigation Development




South Dakota State University