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The primary purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of using a programed textbook and multiple tests in the teaching of remedial grammar at South Dakota State University. During the Fall Semester of 1965 and again during the Fall Semester of 1966, programing was used to help incoming freshmen deficient in English eliminate their major weaknesses in understanding grammar and in recognizing basic principles of usage and punctuation. In assessing the effectiveness of these presentations, the results of various testing instruments used in each presentation were studied. In addition, the study investigated the relationship between the scores on the American College Tests in English, mathematics, social science, and natural science, and scores earned in the remedial course, English 12. This comparison was extended to include the final grade in English 113 during the 1965 investigation and the ACT composite score during the 1966 investigation includes a review of programmed instruction, its history and its psychological justification as well as reviews of the pertinent research on programmed learning. In particular, the study reports previous available considerations of programmed instruction for remedial English studies.

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Programmed instruction -- South Dakota
English language -- Remedial teaching
English language -- Programmed instruction




South Dakota State University